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Joan Eshkenazi started drawing at the age of four. Painting and pottery have always been a part of her life. She studied color with John Ferren at Queens College and continued her education with a Master of Arts from Hunter College in New York. Further studies brought Joan to the Accademia d'Arte in Perugia, Italy. Mrs. Eshkenazi has taught art and pottery in New York City.

In the summer months Joan resides in Plymouth, Massachusetts where she has a pottery studio and produces her ceramic arts. In autumn she returns to her painting studio in Naples, Florida where she continues her work in oil and watercolor.


Inspired by the Impressionists and Georgia O'Keefe, Joan Eshkenazi uses nature to express the mysteries and passions of life.
Light and color dynamically move across the canvas to seduce the viewer into discovering the true essence of the flower, shell or figure shown. 

Her work has been exhibited in Italy, New York, Massachusetts and Florida.



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